SUP-tember a month to Celebrate all things SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

It’s fast becoming that time of year when we are either getting as many paddle boarding adventures in before the weather becomes too cold or when we dust off our paddle boards from their winter hibernation – a month we like to call SUP-tember! (I love that we have readers from all over the globe!)

Even if you paddle 12 months of the year there is something special about having a whole month to celebrate this amazing sport/passion/adventure past time we call stand up paddle boarding.

Over the coming weeks we are going to visit a collection of ways in which we can share our love of SUP through challenges, inspirational prompts, and new ways you may not have thought of to get more out of your paddle board.

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So come join us as we celebrate paddle boarding in SUP-tember!!

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So what is SUP-tember Exactly?

Since beginning my paddle boarding journey many years ago I have discovered that SUP is such a versatile pastime. I mean, anywhere there is water, there is a potential SUP-ertunity!! Of course not all aquatic environments are created equal. Some places are of course a straight ‘No’. However I don’t think I’m alone in pondering the paddle boarding possibilities every time I see a body of water!

One of the goals of SUP-tember is to help paddle boarders get more out of their SUP. Recently I heard some one say that paddle boarding is seen as a ‘Bro Sport’. I had never heard this idea before. I think what they meant by this is that it can be seen as a sport for blokes of a certain age to, shall we say, embrace their inner hoodlum? Personally I had never noticed this but it might explain why the majority of viewers on my Youtube Channel are male 25-34 year olds. Which surprises me as I haven’t been in that age category for a while (and by inserting a ‘LOL’ here I am totally showing it!)

Falling off Stand Up Paddleboard

SUP-tember celebrates Paddle Boarding for everybody

Paddle boarding is such a great opportunity for all ages to get out on the water whether it’s to feed their adrenaline habit by doing some white water SUP or having a SUP and Chill session. It really has something for everyone. And that’s what SUP-tember is all about, exploring the paddle boarding alternatives.

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