SUP Safari Scotland Rannoch Moor and The Hidden Valley

We continue our journey west through the highlands with its spectacular scenery. Each place we go we are aware of the fact that it is probably our last visit. Favourite stone circles, rugged mountain passes all bringing back many memories of the last 4 years that we have called this beautiful country home.

As we pass through Rannoch Moor conditions are just about perfect for a wee paddle on Loch Ba. Loch Ba is one of those places I have looked at wistfully each time we have driven across Rannoch Moor. It seems to have a magic all of it’s own. It has the air of an alien landscape stark with the only vegetation able to withstand the windswept landscape being low growing plants such as heather. The landscape is punctuated with glass like bodies of water which reflect the silvery skies. Wee rocky islands dot the water and offer refuge to some stoic shrubbery and the occasional small tree.

Until recently I couldn’t work out just where to park to be able to access the loch. I had a place in mind and as the weather was nothing short of spectacular we pulled into the small gravel space to check it out. We weren’t disappointed.

Loch Ba looked like it was made of glass

We continue through Glencoe for what must be our third time this trip. This probably sounds a bit crazy but Scotland is a pretty small country so we have had the luxury of being able to follow the sun. Last time we were here we wanted to hike up to the hidden valley but the weather wasn’t on our side and it was put onto the ‘next time we are up this way list.’ Happily the forecast for the following day was promising and we joined some other camper vans spending the night in one of the lay-bys for an early start the next day.

A steep climb in places – but worth it for the view

The Hidden Valley of Glencoe

This valley is so beautiful it is hard to imagine it’s tragic link to the massacre of Glencoe. It is where the Macdonalds of Glen Coe hid their cattle (how they managed to get them up there I don’t know!) But it is also where those who were able to flee the Campbells ran to hide.

Join us next week as we travel north back through the Great Glen, then spend some time in Glen Affric.

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