SUP Chicks Top 10 SUP Related Things to do in Lock Down

For a lot of the worlds Stand Up Paddle population Lock Down has meant not being able to get out on the water on your board for the last month or so. Here in Scotland we had the most beautiful week of sunny weather last week which has only rubbed salt into the wound! Many of us are getting frustrated that this amazing thing we love called SUP is still off limits for the foreseeable future. But never fear my lovely friends, SUP Chick is here to help you through this challenging time. Here we give you our Top 10 SUP Related Things to do in Lock Down!

1. Plan your ultimate SUP adventure or holiday – yes, we don’t know when we will be able to actually carry out these plans but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream, plan and research! Where is you ultimate paddle destination? Is it across country? Across the world? How will you get there? How long will it take? Is it paddling a certain distance or route? The canals of Venice? Scotlands ‘Great Glen’? How will you get there? Is it a road trip or a plane trip? Where will you stay? Who will you go with?

2. Learn some yoga poses you can practice on your SUP – so maybe you can’t actually do any SUP yoga out on the water at the moment but why not master some poses on your yoga mat, then you can take it out onto the water once the coast is clear (see what I did there?). It might be as simple as gaining confidence with the variations of warrior pose or maybe you are wanting to challenge yourself with perfecting your head stand. Getting your technique correct on land will make the process more enjoyable once you’re back out on the water. Check out this video to get tips on how to make your downward dog and warrior poses SUP ready.

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3. If you haven’t already done it download and fill in our SUP-it List. Don’t know what a SUP-it List is? It’s like a Bucket List but for places you want to SUP. Check out this article here to find out how to make yours and remember to post it to Instagram when you’ve completed it with #SUPitlist

4. Read some inspirational books about paddling written by others who have gone and done what you plan on doing. Find out more about the sport and where to go with this great book by Lizzie Carr. “Paddling Britain – 50 Places to Explore by SUP Kayak and Canoe” is sure to uncover some places you hadn’t thought of before and gives valuable information for No. 1.

5. Feeling a bit creative? Check out this awesome SUP themed adult colouring book. While away the hours and get your zen on as you discover your artistic streak, colour your world and create one of art work to brighten your space during Lock Down.

6. Connect with other SUP Chicks and SUP Blokes over social media – have you joined our SUP Chick Facebook Community group? Start a chat, introduce yourself, ask a question or for advice, share your favourite SUP adventure story or photos. We also have a SUP Chick Group where you can stay up to date with all things SUP Chick (and SUP Bloke!) see number 8. Follow us on Instagram or Pinterest using the icons in the header for more SUP inspiration.

7. Make a Photo Book of your favourite images – we don’t tend to print photos anymore and this is a bit of a shame as it means we don’t look at our photos much any more either. Why not gather all your best images and create a photo book online with Snap Fish. Your book will then be delivered to you without you having to leave home – perfect for Lock Down. When it arrives, make yourself a cup of your favourite brew, snuggle into your favourite arm chair and enjoy looking at your photos in print.

8. Join in the SUP the Alphabet Challenge on our SUP Chick Facebook page. What is the SUP the Alphabet Challenge? each day we have a different letter of the alphabet – starting at A we worked through to Z listing a place we have paddled which starts with that letter. The names can be of the river or ocean, coast line, town/city, state, country, for example A could be “Avon River” “Atlantic Ocean” “Amalfi Coast” “Auckland” or “Australia” Can you make it all the way from A-Z?

9. Check your gear for wear and tear – this is a great time to make sure your iSUP’s don’t have air leaks and that your leashes don’t have tears. Check out you still fit into your wetsuit if you have one (the downside of a Northern Hemisphere Christmas = more comfort food and less exercise than what I’m used to in Australia!!). Make a list of any gear you need to repair, add to your kit or replace.

10. And finally check out some of the awesome SUP blogs out there and do a bit of Arm Chair SUPing!

And for a bonus item – check out the first of our SUP videos on Youtube! And stay tuned for more as soon as we can get back out there on the water we will be adding content for you!

I hope you have enjoyed our bonus article – SUP Chicks Top 10 SUP Related Things to do in Lock Down as much as I have writing it.


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  1. worldwidewalkies says:

    Awesome post! Thank you – I have shared it on the National Watersports Festival Facebook page. I am sure that there are a lot of paddlers out there who will love this as much as I do.

    • supchick says:

      Thanks!! I enjoyed putting it together and am glad you liked it 😊 just want to help keep morale up in difficult times. Hope you are all safe and well in Italy and that everything starts to get a little easier for everyone soon 💕

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