Paddleboarding Wick of Gossabrough – Isle of Yell Shetland

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It was quite by accident that we stumbled upon the paddleboarding heaven of Wick of Gossabrough. We were travelling around the Isle of Yell in search of paddling locations. Using our map we found this idyllic sandy bay where we could easily access the water for a paddleboarding session. We discovered this tucked away wee spot and had hardly turned Harmony (our cute wee retro camper’s) engine off when we spotted an otter. We were pretty excited about this as we hadn’t yet seen an otter in the wild.

This wee otter was very interested in our arrival at the Wick of Gossabrough

After hastily getting our cameras out before the otter dissappeared we soon spotted a whale further out from the shore and all thoughts of paddleboarding the Wick of Gossabrough were put on hold. We could see spurts of water and the whale rolling about in the water. It even waved it’s tail in the air in what we believe may have been a herding technique to collect some fish to eat. It truly was a special moment.

A truly wonderous sight – a whale splashing about in the Wick of Gossabrough

When we did finally get around to paddleboarding in the Gossabrough waters we were closely monitored by a family of curious seals. Their little faces are just the most adorable. Neal got some really great video of a cute one who was pretending not to notice us and then would turn around and see what we were up to before quickly looking away again. Almost like a seal version of peek-a-boo! Watch our video here to see what I mean.


We were so enchanted by the location that after our paddleboarding session we decided that the shore around the Wick of Gossabrough made for the perfect place to camp for the night.  And what a location to wake up to.


A very cute and curious seal wondering what paddleboarding is all about?

Watch our video of paddleboarding in the Wick of Gossabrough here

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    • SUP Chick says:

      You never know who you’ll meet out there! It was so lovely to see the otter and the whale – a first for us. The seals were really cute too – those wee faces ❤️

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