Paddle Boarding Baroon Pocket

Paddle Boarding Baroon Pocket

I feel like I say this with every paddle but… I have been wanting to go paddle boarding at Baroon Pocket for quite some time now. As one of the places I have lived near in the past BPB (Before Paddle Boarding) it has been on my radar for a while.

The Main Points

  • Location – Baroon Pocket Dam, Maleny, Queensland Australia
  • Cost – Free
  • Conditions – Freshwater Dam
  • Other users – Occasional kayaks, canoes, swimmers
  • Entry Point – Access boat ramp from carpark
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Bathroom and BBQ/picnic facilities on site.



Paddle Boarding at Baroon Pocket – North Maleny

The great thing about paddle boarding at Baroon Pocket Dam is that there are two options for launching. The Montville side and the Maleny side. For our paddle boarding session on Baroon Pocket I launched on the Maleny side.

Baroon Pocket has two launch spots for Paddle Boarding

I feel a little disloyal to Montville to admit this but personally I think the Maleny side is the better option. I’ve lived in both places so I guess my loyalties are split. The Montville side is right by the dam wall. And it is a very tall dam wall. There is something about dam walls that I really don’t like. It could be all that built up potential energy. Or maybe the thought that what happens if someone pulls the plug?? But for me, the further away from the dam wall the better. The Montville side is also a little darker (and gloomier)… Both sides have good parking, access to the water, picnic tables, BBQ’s and bathroom facilities. The Maleny side has a boat ramp (which is a little slippy so be careful). The park is also bigger, sunnier and further away from that dam wall! Also it’s closer to the interesting bits without having to paddle straight across the middle of the lake.

More of a chill paddle board session due to some of the submerged obstructions

This was also the first paddle boarding session on our Fatstick Paddle Boards since their arrival in Australia. Exciting stuff until I realised that I had to pump my board up manually (lol). I think we might be in the market for an electric pump when the summer arrives!

Watch our video of paddle boarding on Baroon Pocket here

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