Make yours a SUPer Christmas – Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddleboarders

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Still stuck on what to buy your SUP chick or bloke for this Christmas (or even a wee something for yourself)?  Here are some more ideas for a SUPer Christmas!  For more information on any of the items simply click on the images. Take those SUP shots to the next level and film your whole trip with a Go Pro Hero.  For instructions on how to take a GoPro selfie while out and about on your SUP check out this video over at the Paddleboarding CPA. After a great look to keep you warmer during the cooler months check out this awesome Roxy Wetsuit with 3/4/5 thickness for cooler water. The fit is great for SUP chicks with a narrower waist to hip ratio. I absolutely love mine! A SUP trolley is an absolute must if you have a long distance to move your SUP from your car or home to the waters edge. The bigger wheels on this design are great for portage over sand. I find mine great for carrying my rigid over the sand at beaches when the tide is out. Want to mix up your paddle session and experience a whole new level of adventure? Check out these hand held sails for a bit of Kite SUPing. Why not decorate your SUP with these waterproof battery operated LED lights. I hope we’ve helped you find some inspiration for yourself or loved ones this Christmas.  Check out our other post here for more ideas. FIND BEAUTIFUL PLACES TO SUP LEARN MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT WATCH THE LATEST SUP ADVENTURE VIDEO

11 thoughts on “Make yours a SUPer Christmas – Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddleboarders

      • worldwidewalkies says:

        They are just the cutest ever. It was a classic split-screen VW Camper that started off our hankerings for mobile living… VW are designing a brand new electric one, which will be available in 2022. The delay should give us all time to save up the estimated $40k starting price!

        • supchick says:

          I’ve seen the concept vehicle which is really cool. Will certainly need the few years to save up!! We like those earth campers but the price tag is a little high at the moment.

          • worldwidewalkies says:

            It’s good to keep abreast of what is out there. We started looking a few years before we wanted to purchase so that we knew what we wanted and would be able to look out for it second hand when the time came.
            This paid off in the end when we found Kismet around the back of a dealership and signed on the dotted line there and then!

  1. supchick says:

    In a perfect world we’d buy the truck part and build the camper so it’s a bit of a long term project but we’ll get there. In the meantime we’ve got the mighty jeep, a tent and our SUPs and we’ve just bought a road atlas to plan our trip to Europe next year. We have a satnav but I wanted paper maps to plan and dream with…

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