Loch Lomond – Luss

Luss from Stand Up Paddleboard on Loch Lomond
  69976743_680201289142576_413583579415576576_n The Main Points Location – Luss SUP – Own Inflatables – Fatstick Pink Panther 10′ and Fatstick Blue Lagoon 10’6″ Cost – Also Possible to hire for £20 per hour from Loch Lomond Leisure, car park costs £2 for 2 hours Terrain – Freshwater loch with Islands Other Users – Passenger ferries, boats, jet skis, kayaks, this area is very busy. Entry point – Nice sandy beach at the back of the car park Surrounding Area – There’s a cafe, bathroom (paid) and ice cream shop along with camping accomodation and other sight seeing options such as the sea plane joy flights. Map Weather   We went on a Tuesday which was a little quieter than the weekends but still pretty busy with tourists, especially as this is reportedly the best and hot tests summer on record for over 40 years.  The other users seemed quite respectful and kept their speeds slow around us but that might have more to do with enforced speed limits, still it was good not to have huge bow waves to contend with!  We were really lucky with amazingly calm and flat water which I love paddling on as I find it so serene. There are quite a few islands within a sort paddling distance from Luss which are nice to paddle out to.  This is the widest part of the loch and the islands make the journey across not so daunting if you are wanting to make a full crossing.  We paddled out to Inchlonaig which was pretty cool – ‘SUP to island = tick’ and then back around another tiny island between Inchlonaig and the mainland which doesn’t seem to have a name. ‘SUP around an island = tick’ All in all I was happily surprised at the little each at Luss, I had heard great things but never managed to visit until this trip so even though it is probably one of the busiest spots around Loch Lomond it is very much worth checking out.   Below is a couple of photos we took on another trip out of Luss.  The weather wasn’t quite as sunny but amazingly calm conditions. FIND BEAUTIFUL PLACES TO SUP LEARN MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT WATCH THE LATEST SUP ADVENTURE VIDEO

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