Stand Up Paddleboarding on K’gari – Fraser Island

The Main Points Location – Lake Mackenzie (Boorangoora), K’gair – Fraser Island, Queensland Australia SUP – Own Rigid Drift Purple Frangipani,  and Kayak Cost – Free access to the Lake however a barge/ferry onto the island and a vehicle permit are required Conditions – Freshwater lake on white sandy beach Other users – Swimmers Entry Point – Sandy beach which is accessed down a sandy track from the car park Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- bathroom/day use area with picnic tables Getting There –  Barge/ferry from Inskip Point or River Heads (Hervey Bay) Map Weather Forecast Wee Blether Lake Mackenzie also known by it’s traditional name Boorangoora is absolutely beautiful.  The water is crystal clear and the beach a pure white.  As such it is the most frequently visited lake on the island and can get quite busy especially when the tour buses arrive.  Having our SUP and kayak meant that we were better able to explore the area of the lake that was a bit far for swimmers to get to which we quite enjoyed and we could access a quieter part of the beach more easily.  It was a little bit of a mission to get our gear from the carpark to the shore but totally worth it!  The track is only about 100m or less and soft sand in places so no different than launching off most beaches. More About The Island There is something absolutely magical about visiting K’gari or Fraser Island.  Maybe it is driving along the beach and feeling a world away from the daily grind, (although over the last 35+ years since I’ve been going there it has become a LOT more popular).  Maybe it’s just being surrounded by such a beautiful sandy beaches, pristine hoop pine forests with crystal clear lakes and creeks.  There is a reason that ‘Fraser’, as it has become known, is a world heritage area.  K’gari or Fraser Island is only accessible by four wheel drive and it is advisable that you have some skill in this area before tackling these conditions.  Alternatively there are tours in specialised 4WD vehicles that you can join which gives you the option to sit back and let someone else do the driving or join in with a tag along tour where you can experience beach and sandy track four wheel driving. It is also important that you consult the tide times especially if you are travelling by ferry from Inskip Point as there is beach driving involved and it is easy to get caught out when the tide is coming in.  Also the driving times can vary depending on conditions and where you are driving.  Beach driving on firm sand is the easiest and speed limit is 80km/hr, however when you tackle the inland tracks the sand is softer, bumpier and harder going so the speed limit is 30km/hr.  It’s always good to allow plenty of time as the conditions may require you to travel slower than the limit for your own safety and comfort. IMG_0287 Accomodation options are camping which is the most popular option and gives you greater flexibility to visit the whole island.  For a map of the camping zones click here.  You will need a permit seperate from your vehicle permit if you choose to camp.  The other option is staying at the Kingfisher Bay Resort, where there are a number of accomodation options to choose from, some including a balcony spa! There is so much more to K’gari (Fraser Island) than I have included in this post as I am focusing mainly on Lake Mackenzie as a place to paddle.  A really good overview of visiting Fraser can be found at this blog.  I definitely recommend planning your trip in advance to ensure you have enough time to do and see the things you wish to. So has K’gari or Fraser Island made it onto your SUP-it list? FIND BEAUTIFUL PLACES TO SUP LEARN MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT WATCH THE LATEST SUP ADVENTURE VIDEO

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