Road Test GoPro Floaty Mount for SUP or Paddle Boarding

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Road testing the Floaty GoPro Mount for SUP or Paddle boarding

I’ve wanted to do a road test on our GoPro Hero 9 Floaty Mount for SUP for some time now.  It seems a bit of an odd thing to road test as the concept is pretty straight forward.  I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve noticed while using it that might not seem immediately obvious.

Test GoPro Floaty and Bite Mount for SUP

If you’re going to use your GoPro around water a Floaty is probably the best thing you can buy. This ensures that you don’t lose your expensive camera at the bottom of the ocean.  This hit home when watching Kombi Life go Paddle Boarding in Venice with a brand new GoPro camera.  They had the Bite Mount but no Floaty. Unfortunately lost their camera into the murky waters of the canal along with all of their footage. Read this article for our road test on the GoPro Bite mount for SUP.

Test GoPro Floaty and Selfie Stick for SUP

The second thing I think is worth mentioning is that a lanyard attached to the Floaty is a valuable addition.  This can be good if you are in surf or where there is a current. Your camera can be carried away in the blink of an eye.  Having a Floaty mount is also one of the ways you can attach a lanyard to your camera.  The cameras themselves don’t have a point to anchor a lanyard to.

When filming our paddle boarding adventures the attachment I use the most is the Telesin telescoping selfie stick. (Click here for information on the updated version).  I was particularly interested in testing how buoyant the camera would be with the selfie stick attached.  Recently we’d been snorkling on the Ningaloo reef in Western Australia. It occurred to me that the GoPro may not float even with the Floaty on.  I needed to test this in safe water.  I also had felt that with the additional weight of the grip tripod the GoPro was likely to sink if it fell into the water.  This was more of a problem when I use my hard board. There are no elastic bindings to hold the tripod onto the board as is the case with my inflatable.

If you don’t need a tripod or would specifically like a handle that will float there is a good range of options available.

I was surprised to find that; 

  1. The selfie stick was actually too heavy for the Floaty to keep afloat.
  2. The selfie stick with the grip tripod gave extra bouncy to the Floaty and the combination was able to float 

Test GoPro Floaty and Grip Tripod for SUP

SO if you have a set up similar to the on I use I would suggest having your lanyard attached so your camera is kept safe when you are swapping between using the tripod and the selfie stick or any other attachment for that matter.

I would also suggest that you test out the combination of attachments that you use before going into deep water or water with poor visibility so that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your set up and don’t lose your valuable GoPro.

Watch our road test video of GoPro’s Floatie Mount for SUP or Paddle boarding here

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