10 Exercises you can do on your Paddle Board

exercises for on a paddle board

Paddle boards are a lot of fun! They are great for floating about on the water, exploring, racing your mates or even just chilling. But paddle boards are so much more than that. Paddle Boarding is a great for cardio, core strengthening and a whole body workout. Apart from the act of paddle boarding itself there are also many ways you can enhance your land based exercise routine on your paddle board. Here are 10 different exercises that you can perform on your paddle board.

Exercises on your Paddle Board

Exercises to practice on your Paddle Board

  1. Plank variations: Practice different plank positions. Try forearm plank, side plank, or reverse plank on your paddleboard to engage your core muscles.
  2. Squats: Stand on your paddleboard and perform squats, engaging your leg muscles and improving balance.
  3. Push-ups: Place your hands on the paddleboard and do push-ups, working your chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  4. Lunges: Perform forward or reverse lunges while standing on your paddleboard, targeting your legs and glutes.
  5. Side bends: Stand on the paddleboard and reach your arm overhead while bending sideways, targeting your obliques and improving stability.
  6. Mountain climbers: Assume a plank position on the paddleboard and bring alternating knees towards your chest. Engaging your core and repeating in a quick, cardio-focused manner.
  7. Burpees: From a standing position on the paddleboard, jump down into a plank. Perform a push-up, jump your feet back in, and jump up into the air, repeating for a full-body workout.
  8. Sit Ups
  9. Plough pose
  10. Paddle Board Russian Twists: Sit on the paddle board with your knees bent. Twist your torso from side to side, engaging your core muscles.
  11. Paddle Board Supine Leg Raises: Lie on your back on the paddle board. Lift your legs straight up and lower them down, engaging your core and leg muscles.
SUP Yoga

The Challenge of doing exercises on your paddle board

So how did you go? Have you tried any of the above exercises on your paddle board? If you have you will probably find that they are more challenging than on land. The extra use of core muscles to assist in balance takes your work out to a whole new level.

SUP Yoga is a great way to use your paddle board for different types of exercise

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