Visiting Scotland – 5 reasons you should bring your paddleboard

paddleboard on beach with bridge in background

In a previous post we asked Is Scotland the Perfect SUP Destination? Spoiler alert – we here at SUP Chick HQ say ‘YES!!’  Today we look at the top reasons you should bring your paddleboard with you when visiting Scotland.

Even though it’s not most peoples first choice of perfect SUP locations (cue the poor weather stereotypes!) Scotland has so much to offer.  Here are our  Top 5 Reasons you should bring your Stand Up Paddleboard on your next trip to Scotland.


An Epic moodiness over Loch Lomond

Scotland’s Pristine Wilderness – the perfect paddleboard backdrop

As one of the least densely populated places in western Europe, Scotland is well know for it’s epic scenery and wild landscapes. Scotland has been the beloved muse of histories famous poets, writers and artists alike from Robbie Burns to Sir Walter Scott. Stirring ballads reminisce of Scotlands beauty by her lamenting far flung people separated by time and distance and it is hard not to feel a pang of longing at the lyrics;

Oh Flower of Scotland

When will we see

Your likes again

“Flower of Scotland”

Scotlands beautiful Crystal Clear Waters

If you’ve watched any of our SUP Videos on our Chanel you will no doubt have heard me talk time and again about the beautiful clear waters that hug the Scottish coastline. From the famous Luskentyre Beach on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides named as one of the best beaches in the world.

beach with grass in foreground and mountains in the background
The beautiful Luskentyre Beach
Paddleboard underwater with rocks and moss
Pristine Crystal Clear Waters
Paddleboard on Scotlands west coast amongst rocky outcrops
Crystal clear waters of the Isle of Mull

Scotland’s Epic Historic Castles to paddleboard around

Stand Up Paddleboard by island with castle in Scotland
Paddling at Castle Stalker

Like a bit of history or drama with your paddle session. Scotland has you covered. Paddle in the shadows of centuries old castles, discover stunning coastlines visited by Vikings. Visit ancient stone circles Outlander style. Paddle across lochs to mystical islands with ancient ruins. There is so much history in Scotland and so much of it happened on it’s lochs and coastline.

Stand Up Paddleboardingon clear water with mountain backdrop in Scotland
The crystal clear waters of Orkney

Scotland has Water Water Everywhere

There is sooo much water in and around Scotland. As we have already said in our previous post Scotland has 16500km of coastline, 31,460 Freshwater Lochs (Lakes for the non Scots!) and 918 islands – 800 of which are uninhabited. Then there are the rivers and the canals.  With so many different places to Stand Up Paddleboard you will be spoiled for choice.  Many of the places we have paddled we’ve had the place to ourselves – a rare thing these days!

Glenfinnan monument overlooking loch and mountains from up high

Scotland has a HUGE Variety of places to Stand Up Paddleboard

There is such a huge variety of places to paddle to choose from you are certain to find a perfect location for your SUPing preferences and ability level. If you turn up at one location and the conditions are less than ideal it is more than likely that there is another easily accessible awesome SUP location just around the corner.

Stand Up Paddleboarding with mountain backdrop in Scotland
Epic Scottish backdrops

Scotland is pretty easy to get about by public transport. If you are travelling by train or coach these both link up with the ferries to take you out to the islands. If you want to get about under your own steam, Scotland is small enough to navigate on bicycle – you’ll just need a bike trailer for your SUP! Check out these Bikepacking Trails through Scotland. For the more remote places hiring a car is more suitable.

For more information on Scotland visit the ‘Visit Scotland’ website where you can discover more about what there is to see and do on your trip and good places to stay along the way.


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