SUP Yoga Challenge with Yoga Dice

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SUP Yoga
SUP Yoga – More of a Challenge than it looks!

Having found some Yoga Dice at Kmart I thought I would set a challenge for myself and try out the moves on my paddle board with some SUP Yoga. For the bargain price of $2 the pack came with 3 dice with a total of 18 poses. Now I must admit I didn’t look to closely at the poses when I made the impulsive purchase – I mean for $2 you’re not going to complain are you? Interestingly this meant that I ended up with 3 poses that for me were pretty much impossible on land so were not going to happen on my paddle board!

The Yoga Dice I purchased for my SUP Yoga Challenge

I made a ‘Shorts’ Video of each pose attempt and put it onto our Youtube Channel. Ig you would like to have a go at our SUP Yoga Dice Challenge you can follow along. The introduction video is below. Alternatively you can watch the entire SUP Yoga Dice Challenge play list here.

Follow my SUP Yoga Challenge on our Youtube Channel

It’s worth mentioning here that the dice I bought were not designed for SUP yoga.  This means that the poses don’t translate easily onto a paddle board.  Also I didn’t mind getting the dice wet as they weren’t that expensive.  I found that the pool water didn’t damage them but if you would prefer you can always roll them on land before getting onto your paddle board.

Downward Dog was one of the easier SUP Yoga poses

Why do a SUP Yoga Challenge?

SUP Yoga is a fun way to take your yoga practice to the next level. This challenging and invigorating form of yoga combines the balance and core strength required for stand-up paddleboarding with the flexibility and mindfulness of traditional yoga.

Doing a SUP Yoga challenge is a great way to push yourself both physically and mentally, as you work to maintain your balance and focus while performing yoga poses on a paddleboard. The challenge is also a great way to add a new level of fun and excitement to your existing yoga practice. There is also the added element of the unknown when it comes to falling into the water!

First You will need a SUP Yoga Board

Click the image above to learn more

To get started with a SUP Yoga challenge, it is good to have some experience with both stand up paddleboarding and yoga. If you are new to either you could start off by taking a class or lesson with a certified SUP Yoga instructor. This can be a good way to get proper training and guidance to ensure your safety and success.

When you are ready to begin your SUP Yoga challenge, you can start with the easiest basic yoga poses and gradually work your way up to more advanced poses. If you are using the yoga dice familiarize yourself with each pose first. You can practice each pose and gain confidence, improving your balance as you go. Once you know the poses start rolling the dice and come up with the sequences they provide. Part of the challenge is getting from one pose into another. Some of the most popular poses for Sup Yoga include the warrior pose and downward-facing dog. For those of you who are wanting to challenge yourself a little more tree pose is a great one to try, although I warn you, you’ll probably end up having an unexpected swim!

Quick Dry Yoga Tops and Leggings for your SUP Yoga Challenge

Capri length leggings are good for getting onto your board as the ankles don’t get wet

In addition to improving your balance and core strength, doing a SUP Yoga challenge can also help to improve your overall physical fitness, flexibility, and mental focus. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature while you practice. Why not practice with a friend?

Overall, the Sup Yoga challenge is a unique and exciting way to take your yoga practice to the next level. It’s a great way to push yourself both physically and mentally, and to add a new level of fun and excitement to your yoga practice. With a bit of practice you can successfully master this challenging and invigorating form of yoga.

Other equipment you may need for your SUP Yoga Challenge

Items such as a microfiber towel to dry off or towel down your board, a drink bottle or drink holder and a SUP anchor and paddle holder are great items to add to your SUP Yoga equipment kit.

Create your own SUP Yoga Challenge

If you would like to take your SUP Yoga to the next level and create your own challenge with an endless selection of pose sequences there are some great yoga dice online. I have sourced the most interesting options below for you to choose from.

Click on the images above to find out more about each of the dice available for your own SUP Yoga Challenge. Some of the dice are made from wood and while they are varnished you may wish to roll them on land first so they don’t get wet and risk getting ruined. I have also included plastic options which you can easily roll while on your paddle board. The foam option is also a great one in case they go overboard as they will float.

SUP Yoga Challenge with a Partner

For an extra challenging work out try SUP Yoga with a partner. While I have yet to experience partner yoga on a stand up paddle board there is great potential there for enhanced balance training and a lot of fun! I would recommend practicing these poses on land first. You may even find some of the poses may be easier to do in a swimming pool first to get a feel for them. Click on the image above to find out more.

SUP Yoga Challenge with Work out options

If you have tried SUP Yoga and would love to integrate it into your work out routine you may be interested in these dice which include exercises along with the yoga poses. Remember these dice are not designed for use on a paddle board so don’t directly translate but you can have fun working out which can be done on a paddle board and maybe even start a new trend! Click on the image above to find out more.

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