SUP Safari Scotland – The Borders and East Lothian

Heading south again we have a couple of days before our next house sit so we spend a bit of time in the Scottish Borders.  We have visited the borders many times as it is a nice day trip from Glasgow. If you are in the borders and looking for somewhere to Stand Up Paddle I would suggest checking out St Mary’s Loch which is really beautiful.

We enjoyed a nice chill out session in the Forestry and Land parks participating in the Stay the Night program running until the 31st October 2021. We’ve stayed in quite a few of these around Scotland and every one of them has been a great spot to camp. We really hope that they will be continued throughout the coming years, even if we won’t be here, as they are a great way for people to access some beautiful locations.

As we have mentioned previously, our stay in Scotland has been extended due to travel restrictions back to Australia. One of the best things to come out of this is that Stobo Castle has reintroduced it’s evening passes to it’s spa. As a nice treat to ourselves we spent an indulgent few hours soaking up all that the Stobo Spa has to offer. Definitely a great way to de-stress! The evening package which allows you to use the spa facilities including 25m UV pool, steam rooms, sauna, hydrospa, gym & outdoor hot tubs. Of course we had to finish it all off with a cheeky cocktail.

From Stobo we headed east towards the coast as we hadn’t spent much time exploring this area. We discovered the town of Eyemouth which has a really nice sandy beach in a sheltered bay. The wind was a bit too strong for paddleboarding when we were there but it is worth checking out if you are in the area. We also discovered the Rialto Cafe which has really great food and even better coffee!

We followed the coast up and around to North Berwick near where our next house sit was. The east coast of Scotland is such a contrast to the west with the beaches being a little more like what we see in Australia. The coast line is less undulating than the west generally speaking.

We were really fortunate to be house sitting near the Yellowcraigs Beach and even though the conditions were less than ideal decided to have one last paddle. As the weather was starting to turn considerably colder and I’m a big chicken when it comes to cold water this was our last paddle for SUP Safari Scotland. Unfortunately the water was really stirred up from the wild weather of the past couple of days. The area has quite a lot of rocks in and under the water so this made things quite challenging. I wasn’t in for long but I was glad I made the effort.

During our time at our second house sit we handed our awesome campervan Harmony over to her new owner. I am sure they will have a fantastic time traveling about in her. If you see her out on the road give her a wave. It’s sad to see her go but I am so glad that her new family already love her so much. Hopefully when we get back to Australia we can follow through with some plans to get another camper which is more suitable to longer term travel and exploring some of the SUPertunities Australia has to offer.

Check out our video here

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3 thoughts on “SUP Safari Scotland – The Borders and East Lothian

    • SUP Chick says:

      Stobo is the best!! I don’t think they are advertising that these evenings are open yet and so we had the facilities almost to our selves 😊✨ are you still planning on heading up to Scotland? We’re here until end of January now!!

      • WorldWideWalkies says:

        I’m not quite sure what we’re doing. We were hoping to go skiing in Italy if we can get a visa, and if Italia will accept UK nationals with our increasing infection rates, but my dad is also a bit poorly, so I will be heading up to Lancashire in the near future. I will let you know if we get up north, it would be so lovely to see you before you depart these fair shores!

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