SUP Safari Scotland Angus, Fife and Loch Tay

Stand Up Paddleboard on Loch Tay

Heading south through the dramatic mountainscape we discover the Brown and White Caterthuns. These are massive ancient Pictish hill forts dated back to the Iron Age . The White Caterthun is more obvious with its perimeter marked with thousands and thousands of stones. It is thought that these hill forts were used for both ceremonial and military purposes.

Further to the south we stop in for a visit to Glamis Castle where Elizabeth the seconds mother spent some of her childhood.  Glamis castle is the ancestral seat to the earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne and has been for 650 years.  The castle also provided the inspiration and backdrop for Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Gloms Castle – inspiration for Macbeth

As we travel further south we have yet another castle on our list well actually a palace – Falkland Palace – but not before an exceptional coffee at Pillars of Hercules.
Fans of Outlander TV series will recognise the main square of Falkland village as the Inverness set in the first episode.

Falkland Palace

East Lomond Hill is home to one of the largest hill forts in Fife. It is believed the fort was part of the Pictish Kingdom of Fib which emerged after the Romans left Scotland. The fort was a royal seat and political centre.

Artists impression of Pictish Hillfort on East Lomond Hill

Visiting the Kirkaldy Museum we got a glimpse into the history of the linoleum capital of the world capital and saw some really cool retro designs. The museum also has a surprisingly large collection of Peploe original art pieces. Peploe is one of the group of four Scottish Colourists who trained in France and were inspired by French Impressionism bringing strong and vibrant colours into Scottish art in the 1920’s and 30’s. The museum also has a Vetriano original as well as the artist was born in Fife.

Heading north towards Loch Tay we stop for a much needed stop at Iain Burnett the Highland Chocolatier.

SUP Bloke with his eye on the chocolate feast at Iain Burnette the Highland Chocolatier

And finally we make it to Loch Tay and the weather is absolutely stunning!! There was next to no breeze and the water was like a millpond. It was really nice and warm with temperatures high enough to warrant a nice cold beer for SUP Bloke and an icy G+T for me in the Kenmore Inn where we saw some of Robbie Burns work on the wall!

Robbie Burns poem on the wall of the Kenmore Inn – Loch Tay

Join us next week as we travel north back through Rannoch Moor, up through Glencoe and the Great Glen, then spend some time in Glen Affric.

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