SUP It List for 2021

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Sunset

Have you just gotten a brand new Stand Up Paddleboard for Christmas? Maybe you are looking to a brighter more fun filled 2021. Now it’s time to plan the adventures you are going to have by making a SUP It List for 2021.

The days between Christmas and New Year are a perfect time to make a SUP-it List. But what exactly is a SUP-it List?

Essentially it is a list of Stand Up Paddleboarding goals or places you would like to take your stand up paddleboard. See an example of ours here.

Previously we have talked about making a SUP it List which can be found here.

SUP It List for 2021

Planning in uncertain times

I really love this part of the year. We say goodbye to what has been and look to the potential of the new year ahead. This year of course has been vastly different from anything we have known before. Chances are you’re probably finding it hard to even think about let alone plan the future. Everything is so uncertain at the moment. It feels like we have little control over anything.

What can be helpful though is to look at what you can control. Maybe you can’t plan that huge overseas trip but you can explore your local surroundings (observing local restrictions). You can still connect with like minded paddlers either locally or internationally and find inspiration and a bit of escapism watching videos of other peoples adventures!

If 2020 has taught us anything it is to seize the day and to have a Plan B and C. Originally we’d hoped to do a road trip around Europe this year for a couple of weeks SUPing along the way. That got changed to a trip to the Sheltland Islands, which then turned into a week away to the Isle of Mull.

We had no idea that we would be buying a cute wee retro camper at the beginning of the year. Having Harmony the Happy Camper made our trip to Mull so much more flexible. The gift in all this is the unexpected.

Camper and Stand Up Paddleboard on shore with SUP Chick in background

So even though nothing is a given for 2021 and life is still no where near normal just yet, have a go at making a SUP-it List with either our template or by creating your own. There is every good chance that you won’t get it all achieved. But you might be surprised looking back in 12 months time just what you did!



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