SUP GoPro Raft for Paddleboarding

Filming your paddleboarding adventures is a tricky business. Firstly the ground (well actually water) is constantly moving beneath your feet. If you are filming the beautiful scenery that you are paddling in, you aren’t able to also film yourself. Where exactly can you put a tripod??? You can do heaps of selfie shots but you can’t always get a good shot of your board as well. It’s also difficult to paddle and hold a camera at the same time! Enter the SUP GoPro Raft for Paddleboarding.

What is a SUP GoPro Raft and why do I need one for paddleboarding?

Without always having your handy SUP bloke there to help with the filming, (or any other SUP mates for that matter), you need some other way to do some hands free videography. Enter the SUP GoPro raft for filming your paddleboarding adventures. This is a wee creation that I have invented to solve your filming issues. Made out of pool noodles, the SUP GoPro raft is designed to securely hold you GoPro (or sports camera) and tripod and float along with you on your paddleboarding adventures.

Check out this video on how to make your own SUP GoPro Raft to help film your paddleboarding adventures

So how did the SUP GoPro raft perform?

As with any prototype there are a couple of teething problems. In the end I decided that I would keep the raft tied to my board rather than let it float about on it’s own. It was certainly up to the task of keeping my camera from sinking but in windy conditions or in larger bodies of water I think having it secured to your board is something worth considering. For this I would suggest using something less visible such as fishing line with a hand reel for easily winding the raft back in.

I quite like the organic floating nature of the filming, it was a little unpredictable which gave interest to the footage. I would really like to go back and do a test drive without the line attached and see how it performs. For this I would need to limit it to wider and paddle by shots for best results.

When not to use the SUP GoPro Raft

I feel that the raft is best used in calm environments such as smaller lakes or lochs with little wind. Faster flowing rivers and in the sea (especially sup surfing) are not likely to be successful in my opinion. This may lead to losing your camera. I’d love to hear from you if you have tried making a SUP GoPro raft of your own and how you found filming your paddleboarding adventures with it. Let us know in the comment section below or chat with us on our socials.

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7 thoughts on “SUP GoPro Raft for Paddleboarding

    • SUP Chick says:

      Awe thank you!! ❤️ I love making videos. Hopefully I can master some cool shots with the raft, if not maybe I need to invest in a remote control boat 😂 any chance you might be starting filming your adventures?? Have you come across The Outliers Overland? They are a couple from Alaska with their rescue dog from Mexico, just shipped their truck to Europe before Christmas and are going to the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford Upon Avon next month. They have a Fuso and have been YouTubing for a while now I’m sure they’d love to meet like minded Truck and dog people 🚛🐕 if you cross paths 😊

      • WorldWideWalkies says:

        I have been asked but I can’t see myself filming any time soon. I LOVE writing, and creating the blog, books, editing, and marketing takes up a lot of my time. I don’t know much about film, so it would be a new thing to learn. If I had to start planning shots and editing, I doubt I would have much time for actually travelling! I have always been adamant that I don’t want it to become like work.
        I haven’t met the Outliers Overland, but I will pop over and have a look at their channel! I am behind with my blogging and we’re in Italy at the moment, about to cross into Albania, so we won’t be at Stratford. I would love to meet them, though. Trucks and dogs – they sound like our kind of people!

          • WorldWideWalkies says:

            I am so looking forward to it. It looks absolutely beautiful, and contrary to what all the people who haven’t been there say, the people who have been there say it is wonderfully friendly and safe!

          • WorldWideWalkies says:

            It’s unbelievable how people are so opinionated yet so ill informed!
            We were nearly put off going to Romania by the litany of misinformation we were fed. I’m so glad we didn’t miss out on that experience. It’s one of our favourite countries now. I can’t wait to go back!

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