SUP Chick’s SUP Safari Scotland – The Beginning of Van Life

Hi SUP Chicks and SUP Blokes!

I have some exciting news to share.  As of 2 days ago SUP Bloke and I have moved from our flat in Glasgow into our camper van “Harmony” and we hope to spend the summer travelling around Scotland exploring all the fantastic places there are to stand up paddle along the way.

This is quite a different pace of life for us and we hope to be able to continue our regular Monday morning blog posts along with increasing our video frequency from fortnightly to weekly over on our YouTube channel.  The blogs and videos will cover our travels and all of the places we paddleboard so stay tuned.

Dragon sculpture with couple in foreground
An unexpected dragon sighting near Irvine

As with anything new – there is always unanticipated hiccups and there is a good chance we may have internet connectivity issues and there is always a good chance I might just plain forget what day it is and not have a post or video scheduled.  What I do know is that we are going to have a great time exploring this beautiful country we’ve called home for the last four years so I would love to invite you to tag along and I hope that we can share some awesome places that you haven’t yet been. 

As this post becomes live we will be starting Day 3 of what I am calling our SUP Safari Scotland which finds us at the very southern point of the Isle of Arran.  We are camping at a beautiful spot at Seal Shore Campsite overlooking the dramatic silloutte of Aisla Craig to the south.  When we arrived Sunday afternoon it had gotten a bit cold and windy so we haven’t been out on the SUPs yet, but I am really hoping that the weather forecast is wrong and that we wake up to a clear still morning for an early paddle.

Ferry with mountains in the background
No trip through Scotland is complete without a ride on a ferry – The ferry to the Isle of Arran

We arrived on Arran Sunday morning and played tourist visiting the newly reopened Brodick Castle which is now accepting visitors once again as corona restrictions begin to lift.  It truly is a beautiful location and a gorgeous building.

Castle with park bench on path
The stately Brodick Castle

We are planning on taking the ferry back to the Kintyre peninsular and then another across to the Isle of Bute and then circling back towards Glasgow so stay tuned for updates.  We have no concrete plans and are open to the serendipity of the open road.


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