Stand Up Paddleboarding on Bostadh Beach Isle of Lewis

Bosta Beach

This beautiful white sandy beach in the Outer Hebredies is another location on our SUP it list. Apart from being a stunning location, Bostadh Beach has a lot to offer. Located in a quiet tucked away corner of the Isle of Lewis, it is home to an Iron Age replica house which you can visit. With it’s protected beach and crystal clear waters Bostadh Beach is an idyllic place for a Stand Up Paddleboarding session with the right weather conditions.

  • Location – Bosta Beach, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
  • Cost – Free beach access from car park
  • Conditions – Seawater Loch
  • Other users – Visitors to the village, walkers and beach goers
  • Entry Point – Sandy Beach
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- The site has a bathroom



Bostadh Beach Isle of Lewis - a sandy white beach in a protected bay

A Wee Blether

The name ‘Bostadh’ comes from the Old Norse word for ‘farm’. Back in 1993 a storm revealed the remains of stone houses from the 6th to 9th century AD. This collection of Late Iron Age houses are designed in a distinctive ‘Jelly Bean’ shape as they are round with at least one chamber opposite the main entrance.

The original houses were unable to be protected and a new replica house was built.  This is what you can visit today. It is fascinating listening to the guide explain how the house functioned back when this design was in use and what life would have been like back then.  You  can almost image what it felt like looking out to sea keeping an eye out for Viking ships.

We were really surprised at just how snug it was inside, the strong stone walls protected the residents from strong winds and rains. For further information on the village visit this website.

A grass covered Iron Age House with a stone fence overlooking the white sandy Bosta Beach

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    Lewis and Harris are amazing!! We are hoping to make it back this summer when the islands open back up again. Hope you all are doing well – looking forward to hearing how the beast conversion is going!! Off to check your blog now incase I’ve missed some news ❤️✨🏄‍♀️

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