Stand Up Paddleboarding Lambhill to Bishopbriggs Clyde and Forth Canal

Stand Up Paddleboarding the Clyde and Forth Canal

The next session of stand up paddleboarding that we did along the Clyde and Forth Canal was out of Lambhill Stables again. This time we headed east along the canal towards Kirkintilloch.

Lambhill Stables building on the Clyde and Forth Canal with stand up paddle boarder
The Lambhill Stables pontoon with easy access to the water

The Main Points

  • Location – Lambhill, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Cost – Free canal access with parking behind the Lambhill Stables
  • Conditions – Canal
  • Other users – Some other paddlers (it’s becoming more popular), Walkers, runners and cyclists on tow path.
  • Entry Point – Pontoon/jetty
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- The Lambhill Stables Cafe with bathroom



Stand Up Paddleboarder on Clyde and Forth Canal
Launching from Lambhill Stables

A Wee Blether

We tend to get a few strange looks when we go Stand Up Paddleboarding along the Clyde and Forth Canal. It isn’t the cleanest environment we have SUPed in but I am hoping that will change. Stand Up Paddleboarding is getting so popular and the canal is a fantastic resource with this section cutting through the city of Glasgow itself. Hopefully in time more resources may be put into conserving it. Interestingly the water can be quite clear in places. We were surprised at the section closer to Bowling where you could see the bottom income places.

Paddleboarding canal with cyclists in background

It’s quite funny as you are paddling along some of the passers by will start a conversation with you. I suppose it is a pretty strange sight seeing an Aussie and Kiwi couple paddling down a largely ignored canal.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Clyde and Forth Canal

This stand up paddleboarding session from Lambhill along the Clyde and Forth Canal was fairly short. We got up to the section which runs behind the Bishopbriggs Golf Course when we encountered some swans which didn’t look too happy about us being there. During the early summer they are pretty protective of their territory and their signets understandably. So we cut our session short to give them their space.

Check out our SUP Video!

Although at the time the Cafe on the Canal was closed it would be a great spot for an after paddle coffee. With its outdoor seating area it is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

The cafe on the canal sign overlooking the Forth and Clyde Canal
Old Lambhill Stables building
Scottish Wildlife Trust Possil Marsh Wildlife Reserve Sign

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