Stand Up Paddleboarding at Kingfisher Bay – Fraser Island

Sunset over beach and pier Fraser Island Kingfisher Bay

The Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island is another SUP-it list dream location for stand up paddleboarding. Our last visit was pretty limited with time. Even though we had a SUP and Kayak with us we didn’t manage to launch there. However read on to find out why we think it’s a great location to go Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Looking north along the shore of Fraser Islands West coast at sunset
Looking south along the shore of Fraser Islands West coast at sunset

Looking north and south respectively along the beach on the western shore. By the time we got back from adventuring all day the tide was out so we missed out paddling there. Kingfisher Bay on Fraser is a great spot for Stand Up Paddleboarding. When the tide is in though as the waters are shallow, calm and protected.

It is worth noting here that the eastern shore of Fraser Island can be a dangerous place to swim. There are no patrolled beaches and so nowhere is deemed ‘safe’. The ocean can become quite rough on this side with many rips. The eastern side is also well known for it’s sharks. So the western shore is a better option along with all of the lakes on the island. But as always check up to date local conditions for your visit.

People in a dingy at low tide off the western shore of Fraser Island



A Wee Blether

The Kingfisher Resort is located on the more protected western side of Fraser Island. It is ideally located right next to the passenger and vehicle ferry from Heavy Bay on the mainland. This is one of the only two ferries to Fraser Island. The other ferry is located at the most Southern point of the island.

Sunset off the western shore of Fraser Island

If you don’t have your own 4 wheel drive this is a good point to start your visit from. Staying at the resort you can organise trips out and about on Fraser Island to the stunning Lake McKenzie and many of the other beautiful places to visit. We really recommend you bring your own 4×4 if you have one or rent one as you have more time at the places you want to visit.

Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island overlooking the pool and gardens
Kingfisher Bay Resort Pool Area
Lounge Chairs overlooking the lagoon

Having a tent and some good camping equipment also gives you more flexibility but staying at Kingfisher Bay is a good option for those with limited time.  

As well as many different types of accomodation there are also restaurants and bars.  Our favourite was the one down by the jetty to watch the sun go down with a cheeky cocktail!!

Cocktails with sun setting in the background
A cheeky cocktail at the Jetty Bar

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