Stand Up Paddleboarding in Kilnaughton Bay – Islay

Kilnaughton is just one of the many stand up paddleboarding options on the Isle of Islay, but I will go out on a limb and say it is my favourite! We discovered this spot when we were looking for somewhere to stay and found it on the Park 4 Night App which has a vast array of places to camp from organised camp grounds with all faucilities to spots to pull off the road with nothing but views.

Kilnaughton Bay from the drone

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It was getting late when we arrived – but what a sky!

The Main Points – Paddleboarding in Kilnaugton Bay

  • Location – Kilnaughton Bay, Isle of Islay, Scotland
  • Cost – Free beach access from sand dunes
  • Conditions – Seawater Loch
  • Other users – Campers and walkers
  • Entry Point – Sandy Beach
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Nearest amenities are in Port Ellen 2 km east (1.2 miles)



Water Temperature


A Wee Blether – Paddleboarding in Kilnaughton Bay

The weather was fantastic the night we arrived in Kilnaugthon Bay and the evening sky was a stunning display of pinks and purples. It was too late to go in for a paddle so we decided to wait until the following morning. Word of warning… this is not always the best thing to do in Scotland and you should always jump at the opportunity to get out on the water when you are presented with the perfect conditons. We learned this a couple of times over our time in Scotland!

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