Stand Up Paddleboarding in Rose Bay – Bowen

The Main Points Location – Region and remember to add Scotland SUP – Own Drift Rigid, Frangipani Cost – Free access Conditions – Seawater sheltered beach Other users – Minimal other users Entry Point – Sandy beach Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- nearby shops IMG_2003IMG_0740 Map Current Weather Conditions Wee Blether We were actually travelling up to Horseshoe Bay for a paddle with our beautiful Lab only to find that the beach didn’t allow dogs (I know!!!) To be fare Horseshoe bay is pretty small, so we found this lovely spot, had it all to ourselves and Sammy could join in the fun! The conditions were pretty hot but the water is nicely protected, flat and calm – just the way I like it!  One thing to be aware of in this part of the world is that if you are in coastal waters between October and May you will need to wear a Stinger Suit to protect you from Stingers, these suits are usually made of lycra and if you have a full length rashie this will also do the trick.  You also need covering for hands and feet if you expect to spend time in the water instead of on your board.   FIND BEAUTIFUL PLACES TO SUP LEARN MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT WATCH THE LATEST SUP ADVENTURE VIDEO

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