Paddleboarding on Lake Dunethin

Paddleboarding in Australia again on Lake Dunethin

It was almost unbelievable to actually be back on the Sunshine Coast after such a long time away and an undefined delay in being able to get back into Australia. Leaving Scotland while long overdue (we were due to leave in September 2021) was a sombre experience as it had become our home away from home and will always have a special place in our hearts. Almost as soon as we touched down in Queensland I was itching to get back out Paddleboarding and what better spot than Lake Dunethin.

The Main Points

  • Location – Lake Dunethin, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
  • Cost – Access boat ramp from carpark/track
  • Conditions – Tidal river and lake (brackish)
  • Other users – Occasional paddlers, motorised watercraft on river
  • Entry Point – Boat Ramp (
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Bathrooms adjacent to boat ramp track



Lake Dunethin is a body of water connected to the Maroochy River and is part of the Maroochy River Paddle Trail. The lake is mid way along the trail but is easily accessed by the Dunethin Rock Boat ramp. While the Maroochy River can be a bit breezy, we found Lake Dunethin to be a lot more sheltered and the water quite glassy, perfect for those new to paddleboarding. Lake Dunethin sees a little less motorised traffic than the river and is a haven for wildlife.

It was so great to get back out on the water on my Drift Purple Frangipani board which had been in storage for almost 5 years. The water was so warm and was very tempting for a post paddlebording dip. Unfortunately even though I had thoroughly dried out my paddle before storing it, it still had some moisture in the handle and was jammed in the storage position. We have since managed to free it up and I am pretty happy about that! A too short paddle makes for some laborious paddling not to mention back strain. Also I will need to get a new leg rope as it seemed fine when I put it in the car but when I went to attach it to the board it snapped.

Now that we are back and I have use of y hard board again I am going to have to try catching waves – stay tuned for that one, I’m sure the blooper reel will be long. Meanwhile our Fatstick SUPs are awaiting their long boat ride home which we expect to take 2-3 months.

Watch our film Paddleboarding on Lake Dunethin below

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