Paddleboarding Achmelvich Bay

The Main Points

  • Location – Achmelvich Bay, North Coast, Scotland
  • Cost – Access through sand dunes from car park
  • Conditions – Saltwater Loch/Bay
  • Other users – Travellers along the North Coast 500, beach goers, campers, walkers
  • Entry Point – Sandy Beach
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Bathroom in car park, outside tap for washing off sand



Water temperature

Paddleboarding in Achmelvich Bay

Achmelvich Bay is one of those dream paddleboard locations, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, a bit off the beaten track. We were so lucky on the day that we arrived as it had been a really warm summers day. It was calm, the wind was low so of course we pumped up our boards, almost foregoing the wetsuits due to just how almost hot it was! I’m glad we didn’t though.

As we made our way through the dunes to the water, the wind sprang up as it likes to when we are about to paddle. The good thing about paddleboarding in Achmelvic Bay is that there are a couple of little coves to explore and so you can be somewhat protected from the wind.

Even thought the weather was pretty warm for a Scottish summer day in the very north, it was increadible just how cold the water was. It was also pretty incredible that people were in swimming, so much so that we had to go for a swim ourselves. I had experienced this same ‘too hot to paddle in a wetsuit and too cold to be in the water without’ situation when paddleboarding in Orkney a couple of years ago. It was at this time that I decided I needed something on my feet in such cold water. This time prepared with adequate foot coverings we went for a swim in our wetsuits for the first time in Scoltand. I was pretty happy with just how warm and bouyant my wetsuit kept me. The only part of me that was cold were my hands – and so I kept them out of the water!

Achmelvic Bay is a really beautiful place and I thoroughly recommend a paddleboarding session there if you are traveling the North Coast 500 with your SUP.

Watch our video of our Paddleboarding in Achmelvich Bay here

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