Paddle Boarding Scotland’s BIG 5

If you travel to Africa you may find yourself amongst the many who seek the BIG 5. This is a group of 5 of the biggest animals to be found on the African continent. As nature is unpredictable and spotting them is not assured it’s a challenge enjoyed by many. The history behind this BIG 5 isn’t as pleasant as it’s present day alternative of spotting instead of hunting. But today we are talking about Loch Bagging by Paddle Boarding Scotland’s BIG 5. In this case we are talking about freshwater lochs!

Watch our video of Paddle Boarding Scotland’s BIG 5

We’ve talked about Loch Bagging in this article here. Loch Bagging is a little like the sport of Munroe Bagging except for Lochs.  Where as in Munroe Bagging the idea is to climb all Munroe’s in Scotland and bagging (or ticking each one off) along the way.  Loch Bagging is a little more involved but essentially requires some form of paddling on each of the lochs of a predetermined size.


Why go paddle boarding Scotland’s BIG 5?

Paddle Boarding on Scotland’s BIG 5 is a great way to see Scotland from the water. If you have a limited time or are just starting out, the BIG 5 is a great place to start. These lochs are some of the largest and most famous freshwater lochs in Scotland. Paddle Board through the highlands in pursuit of the Loch Ness Monster. Circumnavigate the many islands clad in remnant Caledonian Forest. Glide over glass like sparkling lochs that mirror the majestic mountains. You may even spot a castle or two!

But beware the Loch Ness Monster!

So which of Scotland’s Lochs are the BIG 5?

To find out more about paddle boarding Scotland’s BIG 5 watch the video above. In this video we reveal which of Scotland’s beautiful lochs make up the BIG 5. You can also see some footage of the beautiful locations to help determine which one to paddle board first! Be sure to share your photos and videos as you go paddle boarding in Scotland’s BIG 5 in our Facebook group.

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