Paddle Boarding Noosa Everglades

The Noosa River is an absolute treasure trove of places to paddle board. With so many access points Paddle Boarding on the Noosa Everglades can seem like a new adventure every time. I have been dreaming about exploring this part of the river for a long time and plan on doing my first overnight paddle some time in the future.

Paddle Boarding the Noosa Everglades – Camp 1

The Main Points

  • Location – Harry’s Hut Recreational Area, Noosa Everglades, Queensland Australia
  • Cost – Free
  • Conditions – Freshwater/Brackish River
  • Other users – Occasional kayaks, canoes, swimmers and campers
  • Entry Point – Access boat ramp from carpark
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Bathroom, Camping and Picnic facilities on site.



Paddle Boarding the Noosa Everglades

The Noosa Everglades are one of only 2 everglade systems on the planet.  It’s more well known cousin being the one in Florida, America.  The everglades comprise of 60km of mirror like waters perfect for paddling.  It’s also the only everglade system safe for swimming in as, unlike it’s American counterpart it doesn’t have any alligators – or crocodiles for that matter!

While there are plenty of areas around the lower Noosa River with easy access, it is also more populated and can be quite busy with motorised water craft. The upper reaches of the Noosa River provides an opportunity for paddlers to have a more tranquil experience. With the selection of 15 campsites along it’s length, there is also the option for an over night or multi night paddle and camping trip.

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More information on the Upper Noosa River Waterway can be found on the Queensland Parks and Forest website here. This is a really good resource which tells you about accessible locations for two wheel drive vehicles.  It also provides paddle travel times & distances and where to get permits if you are planning on camping.  If you are interested in launching from Harry’s Hut (accessible by 4 wheel drive only, this page has more information.

You can watch our video Paddle Boarding the Noosa Everglades here

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