Paddle Boarding in Plockton

As soon as I saw the quaint village clustered around the harbour I knew that I would be adding Paddle Boarding in Plockton to my SUP-it list. Famed for its temperate climate and the only place in Scotland with palm trees it is a popular place to wile away a sunny afternoon. Tucked away in the Scottish highlands it may not be on every tourists radar but if you are in the area I recommend a visit.

The Main Points

  • Location – Plockton Jetty, West Coast, Scotland
  • Cost – Access to the water via jetty (donation suggested)
  • Conditions – Salt water 
  • Other users – Occasional paddlers and boat users
  • Entry Point – Jetty from car park
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Village of Plockton, Bathroom opposite jetty.

Location Loch Carron Plockton


Sunken boats making for some dramatic paddle boarding photography in Plockton

Paddle Boarding Plockton

Plockton was one of the last places we visited on our 5 month long camper van trip SUP Safari Scotland. We had visited previously during the warmer months when it was busier but with a couple of spare days up our sleeves we were able to get back and finally go paddle boarding on Plockton’s beautiful calm waters.

Interestingly the harbour with its sailboats reminded me of Shute Harbour in the Whitsundays back in Australia. Although a world away it’s funny when places so very different in some ways remind you of each other. The protected waterway faced east and wasn’t as windy as some of the places we had been paddle boarding. As is common in this part of Scotland the water was crystal clear. One of the things I love about Paddle Boarding is the vantage point you have to look straight down into the water. Your height while standing gives you a better view than when sitting due to the reflecting light. The sea bed was amassed with a healthy garden of sea weed which in itself is fascinating, especially when you see the many creatures which shelter in it.

The coast line is quite interesting as you paddle board further south east along by some of Plockton’s cute houses. There are partially sunken boats which make for some interesting photography opportunities. Directly east across the water and through the mooring field lies Duncraig Castle. I love the idea that you can actually paddle board past centuries old castles. If this is something that you are interested in then Scotland is definitely the place for you!

Watch our video on Paddle Boarding in Plockton here

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