Paddle Boarding at Culzean Castle

Paddle Boarding at Culzean Castle Scotland

Previously we wrote about our experience paddle boarding at Culzean Bay under the dramatic back drop of Culzean Castle. This was during our 5 month camper van tour of Scotland. Today we are taking a closer look at the actual location as a Paddle Boarding destination for people wanting just the details about Culzean Bay itself.

The Main Points

  • Location – Culzean Bay, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Cost – Free access to the beach
  • Conditions – Salt water
  • Other users – Occasional kayaks, canoes, swimmers
  • Entry Point – Access Culzean Castle carpark (paid entry) or Cray Beach, Maybole Shore
  • Surrounding amenities/Bathrooms- Picnic/ bathroom and cafe facilities on Culzean Estate and nearby town of Maybole.

Location Culzean Castle

Location Croy Beach Maybole Shore


Paddle Boarding at Culzean Castle
A dream realised! Paddle Boarding at Culzean Castle

Paddle Boarding Culzean Bay

There are two main paddle board launch locations for Culzean Bay. The first is from the Culzean Castle Car Park. This is not ideal as you need to be visiting the castle to be able to use the car park. This was the option we chose as we visited the castle quite early and had some time in the afternoon for a paddle session. The second reason the Culzean Castle car park is not ideal is that there are a number of steps to get down the cliff from the car park to the water. While not impossible it does make carrying a 10kg paddle board more difficult.

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The second option to access Culzean Bay for paddle boarding is to park at Croy Beach, Maybole Shore. There are toilet facilities in the car park here but at last notice they were closed. Alternatively the local town of Maybole has facilities. As we chose the Culzean Castle Car park we didn’t visit the Croy Beach Car Park so further information on this location can be found here.

From the information I can gather about Croy Beach the car parking is somewhat limited but there doesn’t appear to be as big a descent to the beach itself so I believe this would be the better option however I would get there early to be sure to get a car park!

Culzean Bay itself is a nice tucked away area great for paddle boarding. When you are there you can’t help but feel like you’ve discovered a secret location known only to locals, even though the castle draws many tourists. Another great thing about Culzean Bay is that it’s only about 1 hour’s drive from Glasgow making it a great place for a paddle boarding day out.

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