Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas SUP Australia

There’s no denying it, 2020 has been a pretty challenging year to put it politely. Starting off with the heartbreaking bushfires back home in Australia, through the corona virus and so many other natural disasters too numerous to individually name, I doubt there are many who have gotten through this year unscathed.

How cute are these Christmas Cards

What a year!

I think it is fair to say that all have us have found a dramatic reduction in what we have previously experienced as our normal locus of control.  There have been a lot of situations where we have been asked to do things differently and a lot of times where we can no longer do what we have previously taken for granted.

 At times like these it just makes me love Stand Up Paddleboarding even more.  Yes there have been times when we haven’t been able to get out and enjoy it due to local restrictions, but when we have been able to get back on our boards it has really helped fill the gap for the bigger things like carrying out our plans for a road trip to Europe and Shetland or a week Cyprus which we had previously planned for 2020 (all with our SUPs of course!!)

Being able to get out onto our paddle boards even if it has only been along the local canal has meant being able to push the pause button on the stress surrounding the events of this year if only for a couple of hours.  In fact I think SUP sales around the world have skyrocketed this year as stand up paddle boards have become one of the ultimate staycation accessories.

Previously I have talked about the Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding  whether to enjoy the tranquility of millpond like conditions or to learn new navigational skills of river SUP or engage in the adrenaline of catching your first wave SUP surfing, or improving your balance and flexibility with a bit of SUP yoga.  

Stand Up paddleboarding is certainly a versatile passion, sport and pastime and I sincerely hope you have found some escapism and healing in you sessions this year.

I also hope there has been some good which has come out of this year even if it is difficult to see at the moment.  But on behalf of SUPBloke and myself I would like to wish you all 

A very Merry Christmas and here’s to a much better New Year in 2021!!

We love this awesome Insta post from Yoloboard!!!


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