Map of the Best Places to go Stand Up Paddleboarding in Scotland

Use this map to search for the best places to go paddleboarding in each of the different regions throughout Scotland. Whether you are wanting to explore the Inner or Outer Hebredian Islands, Orkney or Sheltand. Maybe you just want to know the best places to go paddleboarding on Loch Lomond or day trips from Glasgow. There is sure to be a new favourite paddleboarding location ready to be discovered.

This interactive map shows you the locations we have written about on our website

There are 4 different categories as follows;

  • Purple – Locations along our SUP Safari Scotland Route. Darker purple weren’t completed on this trip but are along the way
  • Blue/green – Day Trips from Glasgow. These are locations that you can easily drive to and paddle and return to Glasgow within a day.
  • Dark Red – Isle of Mull Trip. These were locations we paddled on our week trip to the Isle of Mull. Not all of them are on the Isle of Mull but generally a bit too far to go for a day trip. I haven’t included Loch Awe on this list as it is close enough for a day trip so I have added it to that list.
  • Yellow – Glasgow Firth and Clyde Canal. These are the best locations to launch from in the canal around the Glasgow region.

A future category will be added for locations on our SUP-it List which we have yet to paddle.