Holiday Gifts for the Passionate Paddleboarder

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Some how it has gotten to that part of the year again. That time when we all think ‘ok this year I am going to be organized and purchase my gifts early.’ But if you are anything like me you are probably going to leave it until the last minute… again! Well that’s part of the fun of the festive season isn’t it, the bustling town & city centers as excited shoppers experience the elation of finding just the right gift, or is that just a symptom of overcaffination on one too many festive lattes?

Well SUP Chicks and Blokes, I am here to save the day for you. Today we are going to spare you the stress part of the equation and share our top gifts for your passionate paddleboarer friends and fam and possibly convince you to spend some of your hard earned money on a gift for your much deserving self.

Dry Suits for Stand Up Paddleboarding

Top of the list for this years festive gifts are Dry Suits. We are going to unpack these wee gems in a later post but for now let me just say two words, ‘game changer’. These beauties probably won’t win you any fashion competitions but they will certainly keep you warm and dry if you are planning on paddling into the colder months.

High End Dry Suits

This Palm Womens dry suit comes with front zipper for easier dressing. Also has rear zipper for bathroom requirements. It also has 3 layers for warmth and neck and wrist latex gaskets for keeping out that chilly water should you fall in.

Middle of the Range Dry Suit

The Crewsaver Atacama Sport Sailing Drysuit Front Zip comes with an undersuit for extra warmth. Slightly less costly than the Palm it has 3 layer breathable fabric to reduce dampness from perspiration. It is the most highly rated of the three dry suits we discuss.

Lower Price Bracket Dry Suit

The Gul Junior Dartmouth Eclip Zip Drysuit Dry Suit is the least expensive of three the suits and as the name suggests it is has a range of junior sizings. However the larger sizes can still fit smaller adults and it makes a more affordable alternative if you are slighter build. Check out the size guide here. Ideal for any surface watersports the Gul has three layer warmth with a thermal under suit and heat tapped seams. 

Each of these options come with payment plans for greater affordability

Photography & Filming Equipment for Paddleboarding

What would a paddleboarding session be without a camera to record those epic moments to look back on? Paddle boarding allows you to see the world from a different perspective and being able to capture those images can help you share just what it is you love about this sport.

GoPro Hero 10 for filming your SUP sessions

Top of our list for filming our SUP adventures is a GoPro. Just in time for the holiday season, GoPro has released the GoPro Hero 10 the second model to support the front facing screen option. We personally find this a great feature and if you have watched any of our latest videos you can see how useful it is for filming and taking SUP selfies.  Click the image below to check up to date prices.

GoPro Hero 8 more affordable option

Of course the GoPro Hero 10 is the most expensive option but the price of earlier models have come down significantly. We are still using our GoPro Hero 8 without any problems at all. See if the Hero 8 is more in line with your budget by clicking the image below.

Budget Waterproof Sports Camera under £100

The GOOKAM 4K 20MP Action Camera is waterproof up to 40 meters and comes with remote control and mounting accessories kit. Now I can’t vouch for the quality but I can say that with over 540 reviews and a 4.5 star rating there are a lot of happy customers out there.

Each of these options come with payment plans for greater affordability

Keeping Warm and Dry after your SUP session

A trend we are starting to notice gaining popularity here in Scotland is the dryrobe sensation! ONe of the the greatest challenges after a paddle is drying off while staying warm and with these sensational little numbers they even have enough space to do a surfie chick clothes swap in their ample confines.

The mother of all Dry Robes

Touted as the warmest and most versatile of all robes this is at the higher end of the market. This dry robe is said to keep you warm and dry in any climate and is worth checking out if you are paddling into the colder months in chilly conditions with it’s 100% wind and waterproof fabric.

Mid range

The Renegade ‘Polar’ Adult Changing Robe is a middle of thee range changing robe as far as price goes. While it isn’t quite as weather proof as the Advance Long Sleeve Dry Robe it is a good option for milder conditions. Good for Surfing, Swimming and Beachgoing the Renegade is made from waterproof microfiber and comes with a Hood.

Organic Toweling Robe

Not so worried about the waterproof aspect but just need a towel dry, then look no further than this more affordable organic toweling robe with attached hood. Best of all they come in a range of sizes from adult to child, and are made from organic fibers reducing the toxic chemical load on our environment.

Track your Paddle and share with your loved ones

Why not grab an Apple watch and download the Paddle Logger App so that you can plan and track your paddle sessions. Track your paddle live with automatic updates, share your session live with friends and family, create a simple float plan and automatically update your emergency contacts if you get into difficulty.

Give the gift of safety

If your favourite paddleboarder is a bit of an adrenaline junkie then chances are they could do with a safety net. Getting them a personal locator beacon (PLB) could be just the thing that they haven’t yet thought to buy for themselves. Theses are particularly great for more remote paddling and can be life saving should conditions change and difficulties arise. More information will be covered in a later post but this is a good all rounder which can be used on land as well as in the water and taken on international travel.

Tired of pumping your iSUP Manually?

With paddleboarding on iSUP’s becoming more popular due to storage and transportation paddlers are starting to notice the benefit of having an electric pump to take some of the hard work out of inflating. Of course in colder climates I see manual pumping as a good opportunity to warm up prior to your paddle but I am thinking that in hotter climates being warm won’t be quite as important!! Again I have three options for differing budgets. Click on the images below to check on the current pricing and to find out more information.

With so many options for accessories to make paddleboarding sessions safer, more comfortable and easier there is sure to be an option for your passionate paddleboarding loved one out there. I hope some of the above inspirations have helped.

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