GoPro Bite Mount for Paddle Boarding Road Test

Have ever contemplated photographing or filming your paddle boarding adventures? If so, you’ve probably wondered what is the best way to go about it. After all if you have both hands on your paddle, what’s going to hold your camera? Maybe the GoPro Bite mount is the best option for your next paddle boarding adventure.

When used with the Floatie the GoPro Bite Mount is one of the most versatile attachments for Paddle Boarding

Over the years we’ve been recording our paddle boarding sessions around the world we have tested lots of equipment. We’ve tried everything from iphones to camera mounts and attachments, particularly for our GoPros. Today we’re sharing our thoughts in the GoPro Bite mount. In this article we look at the pros and cons of using it for paddle boarding.

The GoPro Bite Mount for Paddle Boarding is a great addition to your filming equipment

We’ve put together a video which discusses our findings and would love to hear your thoughts.

GoPro Bite Mount for filming Paddle Boarding – Road Test video

Do you use a bite mount?

What other mounts do you find good for filming paddle boarding?

For more information on the equipment we use for paddle boarding check our our Frequently Asked Questions Page here.

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