Fatstick Pink Panther Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Fatstick Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards Luskentyre Beach

Today we Test Drive the Fatstick Pink Panther Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board. I’ve been riding this board for over 2 years now. I thought it was about time I wrote a review. I’d like to add that we bought the boards outright. I’d like to mention we are not receiving any gratuities for owning or reviewing them on our blog. We just really love them! Have travelled near and far with this board we’ve found it has certainly stood up to the test of time.

First Impressions

The first thing I liked about the Fatstick inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards are the colours and design.  Recently the design has changed slightly but the colour range is the same. I think they look better than any other board on the UK market. The basic inflatable stand up paddle boards are the same but there is a great range of colours to choose from.

Value for Money Inflatable Board

The second thing is the price.  They are middle of the line as far as price for inflatable stand up paddle boards go. Check the up to date price here. As we were buying two boards I really didn’t want to spend a lot more. Living in Scotland I wasn’t sure how often we’d get out due to the weather. I also wasn’t sure it local conditions were suited to SUP.

Pink Panther iSUP at Loch Rannoch

Where can you use it?

The Fatstick Pink Panther is a good all round inflatable stand up paddle board which is great as a first SUP. When starting out the best thing you want to look for is versatility. This ensures that the board will meet your needs as your experience grows. Unless you know exactly the sort of paddling you intend to do an all rounder is the best option. With the latest improvements in quality of iSUPs they have become the first choice for learners. Check out the difference between Inflatable and Rigid SUPs here.

Excellent for

  • Learning to Stand Up Paddle board
  • Calm water
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • Kids and Families

Really great for

  • Exploration
  • SUP Yoga

Good for

  • Surfing
  • Racing

Quality Stand Up Paddle board

Look great!Fin distribution too close to easily roll up
Great priceBack pack doesn’t fully open for ease of access
Locking fin pin on board (harder to lose)Adjustable straps drag under wheels
Pump is pretty sturdy10′ takes a bit more effort to track than 10’6″
Pink Panther came with seat

What we love

The pump has proven to be pretty sturdy. It has stood up to flights to Majorca and Croatia in the baggage area which I was happy with.

I got a bonus seat with my board which I am yet to try out. I think it’s a great addition to have. My feet do get a bit sore and go numb after about 1 hour on the board. Having the seat will make paddling more comfortable when seated.

The fins on the Pink Panther have the locking pin on the board. We found the Blue Lagoon has the pin on the fin.  I like the pin attached to the board. It seems sturdier that way and I’m betting easier to find replace fins.

What we think needs work

A con for the Pink Panther 10′ inflatable stand up paddle board is that the fins are closer together making it hard to roll/fold up. This may have changed with the new longer 10’6″ design.  I feel this may have had a part to play in me scraping a hole in my board when I didn’t realise I’d packed it away crooked in it’s bag.

A hole worn into Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard
iSUP puncture

Changes I’d like to see are a bag with a longer zip so that the top flap folds all the way open making it easier to place the board inside instead of having to slide in it as it tends to get caught and is difficult to manoeuver into the ideal position once inside the bag.  I’d also like to see the adjustable straps on the shoulders tuck away a bit neater.  Ours unravel and we end up inadvertently running over them as we wheel them along.  A sturdier material between the wheels on the under side would be good to prevent scraping through the material and damaging the board for silly people like me who don’t realise they are scraping…(this would unfortunately add to the overall weight though so maybe just make sure you’ve gotten your board in the bag properly.

In conclusion

Generally it is an all round great board and suits our purposes which is pretty much getting out and having fun on the water.  We aren’t into river running, racing or extended touring with extra weight of items such as camping equipment so if you are after a board that does any of these things you might want to do a bit more research.

Fatstick have a first time SUP buyers guide which can be found here.

Pink Panther and Blue Lagoon iSUP on Isle of Harris

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