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One of the questions we get asked a lot is what Women’s and Men’s Clothing should you wear while paddle boarding? And like all good questions there are many answers. But to keep it simple the Women’s or Men’s best clothing options for paddle boarding depends on many factors. These can be the environment, and time of year, weather, conditions, water temperature and more.

We have covered whether you need to wear a wet suit for paddle boarding in this article here.  We also talked about what to wear on your feet while paddle boarding to stop them from getting sore (and other tips) here and to keep them warm and dry.

Recently we have partnered with Teemill to bring to you a collection of our own Women’s and Men’s Clothing designs which you can wear while paddle boarding or generally anywhere you want! Teemill is a company with sustainability at their heart. While they are located in the UK they offer world wide shipping at a reasonable cost.