Books to help you plan your Scottish SUP Adventure

We are often asked here at SUP Chick how we plan our next SUP Road Trip and while a big part of  the planning comes down to exploring corners of Scotland we haven’t yet been to, another important factor is how much time we have. Those factors aside, we’ve found a few books have been quite helpful.  First on our list is Martin Dorey’s ‘Take the Slow Road – Scotland’.  There is something inspiring about the idea of travelling through the Scottish Highlands and Islands in a Kombi Camper (sorry Black Jeep!)  The book is a pleasure to read, it has heaps of useful information about campsites, things to see and do and each section is a road trip of it’s own. Scotland’s ‘Lonely Planet’ is an awesome resource which tells you a lot about each of the regions within Scotland with quite a lot of detail on many of the major towns you’ll find yourself in while travelling about.  Again a lot of helpful info on what to see and the guide also covers cost for entry fees and accomodation along with travel times, distances and ferry schedules. Alternatively if you’d like a lighter guide that is more specific to the ‘Highlands and Islands’, then this shorter guide is for you. The ‘Wild Guide to Scotland’ is divided into regions and also into ‘Best for’ sections such as Best for beaches, walks etc.  With some beautiful photography Wild has some really great recommendations to make your road trip the sort of memorable experience that having local knowledge can give. The Rough Guide ‘North Coast 500’ is an inexpensive guide to Scotlands answer to Route 66.  Although it’s a little light on in pages it has some good information on accomodation and the Route itself and comes in handy when planning to explore this area of Scotland.

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So there you have it!  If your New Years resolution is to make a SUP-it List and go explore more of this beautiful country, these are the books for you. FIND BEAUTIFUL PLACES TO SUP LEARN MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT WATCH THE LATEST SUP ADVENTURE VIDEO

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