Best Dry Bag for Paddle Boarding

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One of the must have items for paddle boarding is a good dry bag. Not only, as the name suggests, does it keep you items dry but it also is one of the best ways to secure belongings to your board so they don’t sink into the water. I have been searching for the best dry bag for paddle boarding and I think I may just have found it!

Which Dry Bag is the Best for Paddle Boarding?

I came across the Piscifun Dry Bag which also have back pack straps on them. I really like this idea because it leaves your hands free for carrying your board, paddle and other items. Other features which I really like are the pocket on the front of the bag and the elastic strapping.

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The Piscifun Dry Bag Back Pack comes in 4 different sizes 10 litre, 20 litre, 30 litre and 40 litre. It also comes in up to 10 colours depending on availability.

The pocket is a great place to store your phone, sunscreen, paddle maps and other waterproof items. The elastic strapping is great for attaching items such as a drink bottle which can be attached with carabinas. This makes accessing these items easy during your paddle and saves you from having to open the main compartment where you keep items you don’t want to get wet.

Carabinas are a great way to attach items such as drink bottles to you pack to secure them safely

Features I looked for in a Dry Bag

I purchased the largest Piscifun Dry Bag Back Pack for a couple of reasons. The first is that I thought it would be the best size dry bag for fitting everything we take paddle boarding. These include items such as the drone, GoPro mounts, spare battery and lenses. I was really happy with the size as it was larger than I thought (I had trouble determining the measurements as discussed in the video below.)

The second reason I chose the biggest Piscifun Dry Bag Back Pack is that the shoulder straps are more padded than the smaller sizes. I feel this is a good feature to ensure comfort while wearing the back pack.

Watch our video on the Best Dry Bag for Paddle Boarding

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