Are you ready for a SUPer Summer?

Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Mediterranean

Are you new to Stand Up Paddle boarding or a Seasoned Paddleboarding Enthusiast?  One things for sure you are going to need to check to see if you’re ready for a SUPer summer. Prepare with our top tips!

Explore the beautiful beaches of Majorca

Paddlers who are able to get back out on the water have had to stay local. Due to lock down measures few people have been able to travel any distance to SUP. While it is still uncertain when many of us will be able to travel one thing is for sure; preparation is key! The last thing anyone wants is to get out on the water and have an unexpected surprise. So check our list of ways you can ensure you are ready for a SUPer Summer. Get the most out of the coming months and have a great summer.

Plan a SUP Camping trip
  1. Download our SUP-it list. What is a SUP-it list I hear you ask? A SUP-it List is like a Bucket List only it’s a list of places that you would like to paddle. It might include things like; paddling the length of the Forth and Clyde Canal from Glasgow to Edinburgh. It might be taking an iconic road trip like Scotland’s famous North Coast 500 and paddling along the way. Maybe you’d like to do something really epic like enter the Nautic Paddle. This is the only chance to legally paddle the section of the Seine River which passes the Eiffle Tower and Notre Dame. While there are no dates for this year due to travel restrictions, it never hurts to plan ahead! You can either make your SUP-it List for just this year or for the next 5+ years. There is no limit. Check out local kayak and canoe paddle trails for some inspiration. Most paddle trails that cater to these crafts can also be paddled by Stand Up Paddleboard.
  2. Fill in your SUP-it List and take a photo of it. Share on Instagram or in our Facebook group with #SUPitlist. While you’re at it check out other peoples SUP-it Lists for inspiration.
  3. Dust your board off! If it’s an iSUP and been stored for a couple of months it’s best to get it out and inflate. Check over for cracks, holes and general wear and tear that need attention before getting out on the water.  If you find you need to repair it, check out our post on getting the job done professionally. Check over leashes and fins so you can replace them prior to your first SUP or trip. Inflating at home also gives you a chance to ensure that your pump is still in good working order.
  4. Check our FAQ where we share some of our must have equipment. Our post on Everything You Need for the Best Ever SUP Camping trip is also a great resource.
  5. Check our Locations page for inspiration. Not only do we have a wealth of location inspiration for the many stunning locations throughout Scotland but also have information on locations in Europe and as far afield as my home country, Australia. Stay up to date with all things SUP Chick by subscribing to our weekly blog posts. These are emailed straight to your inbox. Find the prompt at the bottom of this post. While you’re at it watch our new YouTube Channel for videos on some of our adventures.
  6. Haven’t got a SUP yet?  Check out our post on Rigid Versus Inflatable Boards post to find which board will meet your needs.
  7. Join our Facebook Page and Group to meet like minded SUP enthusiasts. Check out local paddle groups in your area for more insight into local conditions. Groups are great to find great local places to paddle, join group paddles and meet new SUP buddies!
  8. Starting from scratch and need to learn the paddling basics? Or maybe you just want to brush up on your technique and safety skills? Check with your local SUP group for recommended courses with local instructors, board suppliers or for trial sessions. Local groups are also a best source of information regarding rules and regulations for paddlers within your area. For example in some locations it is a legal requirement to wear a life jacket while paddling as well as your leg rope while in other areas this is not a requirement but is still advisable especially if you are not confident on the water or with your swimming skills. If this is the case I would highly recommend that you get some lessons first and paddle with a group until your confidence and skills are up to scratch.
  9. Another consideration is to ensure you have the correct permission and insurance (where required) to be on the water. While here in Scotland we have the ‘Right to Roam’ which means that we have access to bodies of water within the rules of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, in England there are certain rivers and canals which have different permissions, these are listed here. If you are planning on paddling mainly on rivers and canals the British Canoe Association which also covers Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great place to start. It should be noted that even though the organisations name is ‘British’ it only covers England and advises that paddlers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ‘join their home nation’. Another resource worth checking is the British Stand Up Paddle Association.
  10. Head for the water! If you haven’t already been out this season you might like to go to a relatively local place first to regain your sea legs and ensure you have everything you need.

We really hope this list has helped you get ready for a great summer ahead and as the lockdown measures start to ease and you set your sights on places further afield you have a fantastic paddle season ahead.

Paddle Scotlands famous white sandy beaches in the Outer Hebrides

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