10 Ways to Improve Balance for Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarder balancing in the barrel of a wave SUP surfing

Are you a fan of paddle boarding but struggle with maintaining your balance on the board? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, having good balance is important. By insuring you have a strong balance you enhance your overall paddle boarding experience. Luckily, there are numerous effective ways to improve your balance on the board. Today we explore ten essential tips and exercises that will help you strengthen your balance. This allows you to become more stable and confident on your paddle board. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets to maintaining perfect balance while paddle boarding!

How to improve balance for on your paddle board

  1. Practice balance exercises: Engage in exercises that specifically target and improve balance. Examples are as standing on one leg, heel-to-toe walk, or yoga tree pose.
  2. Strengthen your core: A strong core helps stabilize your body and improves overall balance. Incorporate exercises like planks, Russian twists, or bridges into your routine.
  3. Stretch regularly: Flexible muscles and joints improve balance by allowing for a wider range of motion. Perform regular stretches for your hamstrings, calves, hips, and shoulders.
  4. Focus on proprioception: Proprioceptive exercises, like standing on a wobble board or using balance discs. This challenges your body’s awareness of its position and movement, thereby enhancing balance.
  5. Practice Tai Chi or yoga: These disciplines emphasize balance, body control, and mindfulness. Regular practice can improve balance and coordination.
  6. Wear appropriate footwear: Choose shoes that provide good support, a non-slip sole, and a proper fit. This can significantly help with balance, particularly when exercising or walking on different terrains.
  7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Adopting a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep. Healthy life habits contribute to overall physical wellbeing, which can positively impact balance.
  8. Limit alcohol intake: Excessive alcohol consumption affects your sense of balance and coordination. Keep alcohol consumption moderate to preserve and improve balance.
  9. Build leg strength: Strong leg muscles contribute to stability and balance. Incorporate exercises such as squats, lunges, and leg presses into your workout routine.
  10. Be mindful of posture: Maintaining good posture throughout the day helps distribute your body weight evenly. This helps reducing strain on joints and muscles. Pay attention to proper alignment while sitting, standing, or walking.

Why is Balance so important to Paddle Boarders?

One of the biggest challenges that beginner paddle boarders face is balance. Many newbies have a fear of falling off their paddle board.  Improving balance is one of the best ways to help address that. Using the techniques above can really help gain greater stability and confidence on the paddle board. What’s better still is that this has direct application to paddle boarders of all ages and abilities. Improving balance for paddle boarding also helps improve balance on land which for more senior paddle boarders is important. In fact researchers at UCLA found that a decline in balance can start as early as 50 years of age.

Once you find an improvement in your balance on your paddle board why not check out these 10 Exercises you can do on your Paddle Board to help improve fitness.

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